My Gods, man! You are really beginning to piss me off to no end. I
never said Jeremey or anyone else was ignorant of their alternatives,
nor did I mean to say they were lazy in the negative sense.On the
contrary as you pointed out Jeremy, GMA, and Jim Kitchen have me beat
when it comes to the number of games they have produced. That's an
issue that is not in doubt nor is disputable.

What offends me to the utter limit of my temper is the fact you get on
this list, open your fucking mouth, and begin insinuating meanings and
putting words in my mouth I did notsay with your passive-agressive
bool shit. You want to preach about hurting the community like you are
the voice of reason when you get on this damn list and insult me time
and time again by acusing me of being passive-agressive. Well, you
want to hear agressive then here is what I think of you right now.

You are being a god damn, self-righteous, fucking, prick. You are a
worthless son of a bitch to get on here, insult me, accuse me of
things I didn't mean or imply.  True, i might have worded my messages
better, might have shosen better terminology like time saving rather
than lazy, but you have no god damn fucking right to get on  this list
acting like you are Jesus fucking Christ and I'm Satan. You can take
your god damn Visual Basic, Python, whatever language you like and
shove it up your fucking ass! I've had it with you worthless assholes!

Resigning the moderator position and this fucking list effectively
immediately,. Consider USA Games closed as of further notice. I'm
pushed all I am going to be pushed and you and this god damn fucking
winy, bitchy, community can go to hell for all I care. You can kiss my


If you are offended and upset by this message you have noone to blame
but yourselves for the months of having to endure with complaints
about MOTA or Raceway not getting completed on time, and then having
to have Che rub my nose in the dirt over what should have been a mild
disagreement over programming tools and languages. Thank him for the
end of USA Games and the end of my future partisipation with this
community. I will not stand for being insulted or have my name or
character slandered in such a fassion So now you have something to
talk about that will keep this community talking for months after I'm
gone. I hope you are happy with yourselves. Chew on that for a while.


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