hi tom and all,

the Audyssey Magazine does do a great deal I think to show just how
effective this community can be.

Ok I do think that some of the game releases are a joke, like the numbers
games there are out there, hangman and the like, but also there have been
some fantastic games out there as well. Castaways among the best of them,
along with time of conflict, tank commander, yeah the story goes on.

Also another point to note as well is that the Magazine also allows for
people to share their experiences of games that weren't specifically
designed with blind people and accessibility in mind, but are otherwise
accessible. Core exiles for one, ashes of angels, unification wars and many
other titles. Also another point to consider as well is that the Magazine
does have the ability to present a formal case for the inclusion of
accessibility in other game titles.

There are probably a lot more people subscribed to audiogames.net than there
are on this list. I mean let's face it if we had a list with thousands of
people on it and active, because it's emails you would be swamped so for
practical reasons it's best to assume that there are far more members on
audiogames.net. so having the Magazine and various ways of distribution is
and can only be a good thing. 

I would say though however that the content does need to be more
streamlined. With the recent discussions on getting this community viewed
more favourably by a mainstream community, we aren't going to do it with
numbers games and Simon says type games. We have so many of those that quite
honestly we don't need any more and to be blunt the Magazine doesn't need it
either. It's poor representation.

Am not trying to offend anybody, far from it but equally it has to be said
that things do need to change with regards to what is brought out by some.
Having said that I think the Magazine does offer much more positive things
than negative on the whole. It just depends on what content is included. 

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