Hi Ron,

Definitely. While I have my doubts about including every Hangman game
that comes along that's just my personal opinion. Over all, though, I
am pretty sure the audio games community at large is growing,
improving, and things are only getting better. Sooner or later those
people who purchased and are learning BGT will stop developing what I
would call "amateur practice games" and be able to produce something
of a higher quality. Its just a matter of giving them enough time to
learn and grow is all. So in that sense encurraging them to continue
is a very good idea.

The idea that the audio games community is dead or is dying is pretty
rediculous in light of where we have been and where we are going.
Yeah, Code Factory has come and gone, Bavisoft up and left the
community, ESP was sold to Draconis, XL Studeos closed, etc but those
are only inconveniences. In the time since all those things happened I
have started USA Games, Che has started Blind Adrenaline, Jeremy has
started producing games, and we have a fairly active community of
amateur open source developers trying out BGT, Python, VB, etc. In
short, what we have gained is far greater than what we have lost.


On 7/31/11, Ron Schamerhorn <blindwon...@cogeco.ca> wrote:
> Hi Tom
>   Thanks for understanding about how one's life can interupt the best of
> intentions.  It has most likely happened to everyone at some time or other.
>   There indeed were and in some respects still are alot going on in life
> outside of the gaming community.  I'm not offering this as an excuse but to
> explain.  My parents now live across the hall from me in my apartment
> building, I'm not kidding I'm 303 & they are at 304.  Between my mother and
> nephew in the last year they've been hospitalized about 10 times in the last
> year for various reasons.  My divorce and the way it went down didn't help
> in me feeling good about life at all.  I could go on but want to reply to
> other comments.
>   Indeed there's the magazine only list [I hope Raul soon responds] which
> only get the issues.  These folks may or may not be at audiogames.  So this
> could be the only method of them keeping up with what's going on.
>   I'll put any developers in an issue.  Any game they've put out is worthy
> of mention.  Granted it might be hangman but for dev x it's their first
> release.  I'd hope to encourage the effort rather then ignore it thinking
> "oh crap it's been done already."
>   The number of releases has indeed kept up.  Besides those you mention
> there's 15 or so freeware games that Spoonbill has released, Kitchens Inc,
> and probably others that aren't coming to mind.  True big products like
> Entombed, MOTA, and such the community almost expects something big, but
> let's not forget those devs who consistently bring us a game in the wait
> time.
>   Agreed on the point of Castaways.  I mean no offense to Jeremy with the
> following.  It's spouted loads of conversation on this list, and I'd imagine
> the audiogames forum.  While I'm not a typical forum reader [truth be told
> it confuses me] he's done many games with inovative concepts and the games
> are free how cool is that!
>   Not meaning to repeat myself hear but quite right.  Audyssey when it
> started PCS and Kitchen's Inc were the main players with alot of IF thrown
> in as that was all there was for the blind/vi community.  I feel we've
> covered more ground in those years then the 'normal' community.  Think about
> it, console/pc gaming has been out for 30 or so years.  Audio gaming has had
> aproximatley half of that lifespan.  But look where we were and where we are
> now.  It's loads of progress in a much shorter time.  Personally I am
> thrilled to be part of this rapidly expanding group.  We've really heard
> *coughs* what can be done with sound in games.  So here's to the future!
> Ron

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