Clearly I'm the "new guy" around here, so I frequently ask dumb questions, 
surprise everyone by not knowing common things, and fail miserably while 
playing most audio games, Hahaha.  In one way, this is a good thing since I am 
still able to see things in this community from the perspective of an outsider. 
 As a new guy coming in, I was very excited to go and read the back issues of 
the magazine when I first heard about them.  I wasn't actually all that long 
ago either.

The old magazines were quite old, but I still enjoyed the articles.  Game 
reviews were interesting, but by far, the most interesting things were the 
articles that gave insight to the community, what it had been doing, and where 
it was planning to go.  Perhaps this was only so interesting because I was 
viewing past issues, and I could compare those goals with how things really 
turned out, but I still believe I would be just as interested in those types of 
articles today.

Some have suggested that the magazine should keep in mind, the possibility that 
mainstream gamers will read it, and so it should paint the community in the 
best possible light.  I agree, that is something we should consider, but I have 
to ask the question, what is do we hope to gain by mainstream readers that we 
impress with the magazine?  If our concern is audiogames being taken seriously, 
then we could accomplish that by including only the more unique games, as has 
been suggested.  I have a feeling that we need to broaden that goal.  I would 
suggest that a secondary goal is to attract people TO! the community, that 
would be able to help it continue to push forward.

The articles are the best way to do that.  By getting insight into the 
community, where it was, how it has changed, what it hopes to accomplish, and 
what efforts are currently trying to move us forward, it encourages people to 
theorize their own solutions.  As an example, my buddy Hatred recently joined 
up with the community.  Through conversations, he gradually learned the current 
state of the community, and where it wanted to go, and eventually he started 
sharing ideas with me for helping it get there.  Stuff that would pop into his 
mind simply because there was a problem to solve, and he is the type of person 
who enjoys looking for solutions.  Like myself, he became excited by the 
challenge of moving the community's games in some new directions, and now he is 
actively developing his first audio game.  Lol, Hatred is going to kill me for 
pulling him into this post.  :)

Anyway, the point I was aiming to make is that openly discussing where we want 
to go, and how we are trying to get there, is a great way to attract new 
problem solvers.  If the magazine reaches the right kind of people, who get 
excited about what is going on here in this community, it could lead to more 
good things.

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