That's a pretty good idea, and I will keep it in mind.  I've got a few ideas 
that I think would be cool as multiplayer options, but I'm worried about adding 
them since it would divide the playerbase.  There are only so many people 
playing multiplayer, the number seems to be growing though, and if there are 
even only 2 modes that means there is suddenly only half as many people playing 
each mode.  I don't want to thin the players out so much that no mode has 
enough people to be fun anymore.  As the number of online players grows, it 
will be nice to add new features.

> Ok, it's cool to be able to pass
> troops back and forth, but how about a
> common enemy pool.  In other words, raids you send out
> would affect others
> playing as well.  To balance this, the enemy would
> have to be growing all
> the time, even when only one person was playing.  This
> would be hard on
> single players, but you could modulate the growth, based on
> the levels at
> which people were playing the game, so that if three people
> were playing on
> normal, the enemies would grow more slowly than if three
> people were playing
> on hard.
> This makes cooperative play even more interesting, since it
> demands that
> everyone participate in raiding in order to keep everyone
> safe.
> Looking forward to trying out the 2.0 version.
> Chris Bartlett

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