That's true.  I like the idea of expanding the settlement further, but it can 
only happen if it will mesh nicely with the current game's foundation.  I have 
a strong feeling that most of those ideas would end up being too much trouble, 
or too "tacked on" if I tried to add them to this game.  The good thing about 
good ideas is that even if they can't be implemented now, there is always 
another game that will show up down the road which could have been specifically 
designed with those ideas in mind from the start.  Who knows, maybe another 
developer will use them, or maybe there will be a Castaways 2 in the future.

> I like your line of thinking Dark,
> but one consequence would have to be a
> re-evaluation of the current resource model.  It's
> already the case that in
> a moderately long game you can deplete the resources of the
> map quite
> thoroughly.  With more to build, resource acquisition
> would need to be
> looked at as well.
>     Chris Bartlett

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