I completely agree Dark.  I want to continue to have a distinct single player 
campaign that will never require you to play with other people online.  The 
co-op mode will be a multiplayer version of the campaign, but I am also open to 
giving the co-op mode its own unique mission or 2.  Those could be ones 
intended to be completed as a team, because they are simply too difficult for 
an individual person to win.

I like the idea of larger houses.  I'll consider adding that, but they would of 
course need to require enough resources so that people almost alway, or always, 
started out with normal houses and switched over later.  If they were too 
similar in price, I have a feeling most people would never build the smaller 
ones again simply to save themselves space and the trouble upgrading later.  
These would be particularly useful on missions like mission 3 where you have an 
easier time if you have fewer buildings to defend.  I'll give it some thought.

> Hi Jeremy.
> i like this communal enemy idea, but might I suggest rather
> tha including it in the single player mission three, which
> should afterall at least theoretically be completable by
> someone on their own, have a separate mode for it.
> In fact if multiplayer in castaways is going to be a
> growing thing, then perhaps there need to be new multiplayer
> specific missions and modes attached to it separate from
> single player.
> in fact for me, i'd really like to see the number of jobs
> and expantions generally increased before people start
> thinking about a full scale multiplayer co op against an
> enemy.
> for instance the ability to build larger houses holding
> more people, the ability to build trade goods, train troops,
> generally expand up from the sort of bronze age settlements
> we have now into something a bit more empire worthy.
> thus, multiplayer would be a cooperation of expanding city
> states with a long way to expand too, rather than one or two
> villages getting together to bosh the invaders.
> that sort of cooperation is one I'd absolutely love to see
> in the game.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark. 

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