Hi dark,
The difference here is that Raul isn't really recording from speakers. What he's doing is recording the output from his soundcard, and mixing in a recording of his voice.
        The way you would accomplish this would be to:
1. Set your default recording device to be your soundcard. I'm not sure how you do this on xp, but it's somewhere in the sound properties, under recording. 2. Once you've got your machine set up to record from the soundcard, you can use any recording program (the default one works fine) set up something to capture your voice. THis could be your recorder. 3. Start both recordings are nearly (as close as possible for mixing purposes) the same time, and begin playing. as you play, everything that your computer sends out will be recorded, and your voice, will be taken care of by your recorder. 4. Once your done recording, get both recordings somewhere you have access to them. If possible, make sure they're wav files. 5. The following presumes you have the windows xp sound recorder program installed and working. Once you're done recording, open up one of the files (preferably the one you started first). Once that's open, (guessing here on the menus) go to special (or edit possibly) and choose mix with file. A dialogue should pop up, point it to your other file. If you opened your voice recording, point the recorder to your soundcard recording, or vice versa. 6. Finish mixing the files by choosing ok or mix (I forget which one it is). Once your done mixing, fix the volume of the file so that you can here everything. If the soundcard recording is at a low volume, candle your changes, open that recording and raise the volume. If the voice is low, do the same. It shouldn't be to hard to get the two file to nearly the same volume. 7. ONce you've got both files mixed and audible, save your changes. You now have a full recording with both your voice and stereo sound.

If this is really confusing, your can download sound tap from
and get that installed. This program will allow you to record directly from your soundcard, and if you have a microphone, it will allow you to record from both devices at once. The program has a fifteen day trial, and is entirely accessible.

Hopefully this message made sense. If it didn't feel free to email me off-list, and I can guide you through the steps.

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