Hi Tom.

That's completely true. I think the problem is obviously people will go by what they know, and thus far in audio, the first person games like shades of doom, sarah and gma tank commander have! been more interesting and challenging than the likes of Q9, so people assume that they are representative of each style.

to give people an idea, I'll try and describe at least a litle of the torture chamber level blow by blow.

First, you go right, hit some candles with your weapon to grab power ups. While your doing this, a spider will come down from the roof and chuck a mini spider at a diagonal angle at you, you'll need to either kill or jump that (and bare in mind jumps are analogue, so judging how to jump projectiles isn't easy).

You then need to confront a bone dragon which is stuck in one place chucking fireballs randomly at you, and also bare in mind acid is dripping from the cieling.

You then make a small jump onto a ledge above a pit of slime, falling in will suck your energy, oh, and on the ledge is one of those acid drips I mentioned.

When you get down off the ledege there is a bone pillar, an enemy a litle like the boen dragon, but instead of spitting one fireball at random times, this spits three fireballs at once in a cycle.

Do that in (avoiding the dripping acid), and your facing a couple of spiked crushers! These fall down from above then raise up, and one touch of them will kill you instantly. There are two in a row, so you either need to time them very carefully, or wait until one falls, jump ontop of it (the top part is safe), then onto the other, this is the method I usually go because just after the crushers an evil eye, a flying enemy that drops burning tears on you from above will fly in very quickly and you'll have to either angle your whip up to kill it, or if your on the crusher, time the rise of the crusher to hit it.

Then, you have another bone pillar and some more acid before you get a litle break to get some power ups with a narrow ledge and a flight of stairs.

Oh, did I say break? the narrow ledge has spiked wheels going up and down it, that you need to time your way passed, especially if you want to get the axe weapon that is at the end of the bottom of the ledge, you'll need to wait until the spikes are moving up and go under, then wait for the spikes again, go left, and then up the stairs to the top, ---- where there is another evil eye!

This is about a quarter of the first level of a world that has five or six different stages in it (assuming I remembered! all the monsters and such), and bare in mind that compared to something like Mega man super castlevania has very few enemies attacking you at once, it worked on the basis of tricky placement of a few larger enemies in places where for instance their fireballs are harder to jump.

I hope that just gives a bit of an idea what sort of thing a decent side scroller can contain.

Beware the grue!


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