Hi Dark,

Yeah, here is to hoping things will improve. Like Darren, though, I am
concerned the kind of message we send if we focus too much on any
specific type of game or genre. Sure there is a place for word games,
virtical shooters like Space Invaders, and probably room for simple
Duck Hunt knock-offs like Pull. Still, there is a lot of room to grow,
and most developers have not tapped the full potential of the style or
genres of the games they do create. I blame that on lack of practical
experience. Since many have been blind from birth, have no experience
playing independant or mainstream games, they don't have any idea how
far below standards their games really are if we compare them to
mainstream game x.

However, you are absolutely right about the differences between a
mainstream company and VI independant developers. Lack of professional
training, lack of money to purchase high quality sound effects, and
plane simple lack of experience with mainstream games in general are
all problems facing this community as a whole. Its hard to strive for
something like that without money, proper training for it, and little
to no experience creating games like that.


On 9/29/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Darren.
> While I agree we need more complex games simply for the need of having!
> complex games, I'm not sure about the mainstream companies arguement.
> If anyone googled audio games net or asked for information, of course! we'd
> tell them about games like castaways, time of conflict, shades of doom, mota
> etc. Also, if you look on audiogames.net the genre catagories make it pretty
> clear that there are! games that are more than simple arcade style, so I
> think the evidence is out there if someone wants to look.
> Myself though, I am very much less convinced mainstream companies would ever
> look into making audio games unless about a million people became blind.
> There might be the odd one like Sound voyager as a novelty, but a novelty is
> only novel if it's rare.
> while people naturally do! compare audio games to mainstream games, this is
> just plane unreasonable. It's like comparing an ameter film produced with
> ten thousand dollars budgit to the latest multimillion dollar blockbuster.
> of course! an ameter film maker who has to show a hellicotper blowing up by
> buying a scale model and filling it with fireworks is not going to get the
> same effect as a big studio who can just spend a few hundred thousand
> dollars on a real x military chopper and blow it up!
> Comparing audiogames to indi games on the pc, it is true there is a gap,
> being that indi games include some pretty complex and astounding things,
> even if stil miles behind what's available from Nintendo, thq, sony etc.
> However, I will say that in the past few years I've seen a lot of progress
> in what is done in audio.
> Look at stratogy games. Four years ago, there wasn't anything other than
> galaxy ranger which boarders on being an aarcade game and really doesn't
> make massive use of the map or resources. Then we had sound rts, time of
> conflict and castaways, and now we're getting into some really quite complex
> affairs controlling hundreds of units at a time.
> So hopefully things will! improve.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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