Hi Dark,
while I am not an expert in programming myself, I know a few things and how tricky it can be to "just" create a "simple" program...
I have done so myself with other people in a small team...
But the point about simple VS complex games in "our" community is another.
Look at Sryth. I have played it a bit some years ago and while my stay was short due to not enough time, I know of it. You are correct in saying that starting from scratch with game creation is nothing done in few days. But obviously some people managed, if they did not, then we wouldn't have entombed or Shades of Doom etc. And if we have creators of games like Sryth, which already exists, using such a thing as a basis for something audio RPG related would theoretically be not so bad, right? But you are right, some Super Nintendo RPGs are in some ways still better than aspects of Entombed. If I create classes of spellcasters, then it is a bit weak to give each class one main offensive spell only with no way of permanently getting more spells. Yes, you have scrolls in Entombed, but by finding one, you get one usage of the spell. But why shouldn't a Necromancer have "unholy light", or whatever it is called. While more work would be needed to make Entombed bigger (I'll use it as an example), adding more skills and abilities to the established core shouldn't be less difficult for the developer, since the game in its current form is stable (Don't know many bugs) and working mostly fine... The other question I'd like to ask about the community in general is, why not many games (Top Speed or Sound RTS) get improoved with time. Many games are developed, (don't know development time) and then they are released at a specific point in time.
If there are no problems or serious bugs, they are finished .
But most mainstream games are released and updated more or less frequently, and not all updates are just for error correction, but possibly with new content or with improovements of gameplay if people's feedback requires it...

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