My intention isn't to shout, it's just that if I want a word emphasized in a sentence structure for some reason, exclamation marks are the only way I see to do it.

For instance suppose someone claimed that any game where you here the sounds around the character is a first person game, whether it's shades of doom or superliam.

I would want to say that because first person games give you the action from the character's immediate location and point of hereing, you cannot class a 2d side scroller as first person sinse you could here sounds a good way back to the left and behind you just as clearly as ones in front.

Thus shades of doom Is! a first person game while Super Liam is Not!

I wish here to emphasize the catagorize I am using to make it clear what is and is not, just as I would in speech, however the only tool of emphasis I have in text is the exclamation mark.

If! I! wrote! Like! this! then you can assume I'm shouting.

Beware the grue!


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