Hi Scot.

Even a walk along beatemup like streets of rage is fairly different to something like castlevania, sinse there you literally do! only travel left to right and a small amount forwards and backwards, there is no exploration, and almost all enemies are onn the same level as you.

Basically if you imagine your keyboard, and that axel, blaze etc is standing on the A key. In streets of rage, you could move up to the q key, or down to the z key, or along the row to the s key.

this is however generally it as far as your movement options go. You don't get to explore, or move in full directions, nor do you get the space above your a key. Thus, it wouldn't be possible to represent in this vane a castle with long staircases, multiple floors etc.

In a true 2D side scrolling platformer though, you can go up and down as much as you like, indeed in Super Castlevania, some of the stages just! involve you moving up with litle left/right movement, like the very last level where your climbing a tower with a huge spinning wheel chacing you and the staircases disappearing under your feet.

It's this sort of thing I'd like to see in an audio side scroller, though if the game ends up 3D I certainly won't complain sinse that would be awsome as well in it's own right.

i suppose though sinse I've had enough vision to play side scrollers, they've sort of become my preferd genre, indeed the game that got me interested in games in the first place, Turrican 2, is a side scroller famous for huge levels and much exploration.

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