Hi Dark,

Well said. I admit I was rather short with him a minute ago exactly
because I felt his message was rude and came off like we owe him an
answer or something. Saying "I require" was pretty darn rude in my
opinion. Plus the fact he mentioned he wanted the keyboard
commands--which is in the manual--just irritated me since that is what
its for. Anyone who can't or won't look up an answer in the manual is
just lazy and doesn't deserve a reply on list as far as I am

As for the cheat codes go they are not tied to a specific product key
like Shades of Doom, but I sorely wish they were. That way it would
force lazy cheaters to actually play the game first, winning the cheat
codes, instead of having the codes  handed to them without trying the
game to begin with. After all, if they don't want to play the game
without cheating what's the point in buying and playing it in the
first place?

On 11/8/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Austin.
> Firstly, all the keyboard keys are listed in the games manual, I suggest you
> look there, sinse that's what it's for. It also has handy tips on stratogy
> and even an overview of all the games' missions.
> Second, sinse the cheatcodes are copy specific to the game and need
> unlocking individually, we can't tell you what they are, and to be honest
> the fact that you've not even tried the game and yet are asking for cheats
> is I think not really a good thing, especially for a game which has
> difficulty modes that run from extremely! easy to very difficult, pluss a
> training mode for you to get used to the game.
> Lastly, Might I suggest that what you require most is some manners,
> particularly as regards using the word please.
> Asking for help with a game is fine, we've all done it and it's one of the
> purposes of this list, but simply saying "I require" as if your ordering
> items from a catalogue is really not a pleasant way of doing it and probably
> won't encline others to take the time to write you an answer, ---- even more
> especially when you are asking something which could really be answered in
> the games documentation anyway.
> I'm sorry if this comes across as harsh, it's certainly not intended as a
> slight or a putdown, it's just a reminder sinse I'm afraid messages like
> your previous one are rather likely to irritate people or at the least not
> be answered.
> All the best,
> Dark.

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