Hi Dark,

Yeah, I understand cheat codes to a point. Especially, if they aid in
accessibility in some way, but I've never understood the kind of gamer
who reads an indepth walkthrough of a certain game, looks up all the
cheat codes, etc before he or she even starts the game for the first
time. I just don't see the point of having the game if he/she in tends
to cheat all the way through it from the beginning. There is no
challenge or replay value in that sort of game. All the surprise,
challenge, enjoyment is removed or down played to the point all the
player has to do is kill everything in sight with impunity. What's the
fun in that?

I suppose it is the same kind of mindset that people have who get into
god-moding in roll playing games. They are such sore losers that they
think their character must be the fastest, strongest, most powerful
character in the party. Nobody likes a person like that in their guild
specifically because if their character gets killed in the course of a
nights roll playing adventure they are the first to wine and moan
about it all evening because they are such sore losers.  I'm sure
you've met a few of those in your own gaming experience. I can't stand
such players because they have no sense of fairness or gamesmanship.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure those people who constantly depend on cheat
codes and walkthroughs before they even start a game are pretty much
the same way. They are such sore losers that they stack the odds
they'll win the game with almost no risk of losing. Then, when they
complete the game they'll brag how awesome they are and how they beat
the game even though they cheated their entire way through it. It
irritates me to no end to encounter people like that.

Although, I do take your point about amusement value. Although, it is
a passing thing. Something that only works if I'm in the right mindset
for it.

For instance, my wife and I might get into a fight. I'm upset, angry,
and I want to take out my anger on something. So I'll start up Shades
of Doom, put in a few cheat codes, and walk around two or three levels
killing everything and anything with impunity. I often blow up
equipment and basically go on a rampage. There certainly is a bit of
psychotic amusement in stalking the monsters like shooting fish in a
rain barrel. However, it doesn't last for me. After a couple of levels
of this I calm down and I grow board with shooting, blowing up, and
basically destroying everything and anything that has the misfortune
of getting in my way because there is no challenge or purpose in the
game at that point. Its more interesting when I'm low on ammo and a
blob is hunting me for dinner, and I have to figure out some way to
kill it before it kills me.


On 11/8/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> I used to play many games with cheats on the amigar, but have rather got out
> of that habbit precisely because! I preferd to complete them without.
> These days, the only time I use cheat codes are either A, for access
> reasons, for instance turning off the time limit in order to give me more
> time to look at a graphical screen or B, in some older console games that do
> not have a save or password feature to substitute for these so that I do not
> constantly have to play earlier levels over and over again to get to the
> later ones which I might actually be on, thus I can skip to the start of
> whatever level I was on last which saves considderable amounts of time.
> For modern games on the pc or accessible ones though neither of these
> obviously applies, and generally the only time I'll use cheats is for a
> couple of seconds of amusement value, like at one point I had great fun
> mowing down all the enemmies in superliam with a machine gun.
> I will confess I've not earned the gma tank cheats, mostly because I'm
> afraid I simply completed the game once and then didn't play for quite some
> time after that (actually it's a long while sinse i tried the game myself),
> but this is my own fault and certainly I'd rather not just be told the
> cheats.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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