Although I can get tips on how to get through games by listening to them, I listen to walk throughs just to see how other people play the games, and I think they are just fun to listen to.

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Hi tom.

Well as I said cheats were a thing I used fairly constantly on the amigar sinse a lot were available, but as I've grown up I pretty much stopped that precisely because it's more satisfying to play without as you said.

In roleplay terms it is irritating, though to be honest the thing I dislike most in tabletop games are people who play them as if they were automated and just minimax their characters choosing only the best abilities and skills combo without any thought of what their character actually does. The interest in a tabletop game should be dynamic story and character interaction with the rules and dice used as an aide to story telling rather than them being just the point of the game as some people seem to think they are.

Getting back to computer games though, I'll admit I do use walkthroughs, though usually in my case I use them to substitute for game instructions and item descriptions or as aides for game text. Mega man zero would've been impossible to play without walkthroughs, sinse it has about 70 different items all of which appear pretty jumbled on the select screen, so if I didn't check the faq and see what items were in the next level and where they were I wouldn't know what I'd found, and that's not counting the mission select, menues and dialogue sequences in the game.

metroid zero mission on the other hand I finished for the first time without the aide of any walkthru, and only checked one when i was going for a 100 percent items run, ditto with super castlevania.

The first game I ever read a walkthru for was mega man x 2 on the snes, however I'd got catagorically rustrated with the game up to that point after playing for a solid six months, pluss I didn't actually realize I'd already found some of the key items sinse they made the same pickup sound as when you got an extra life.

These days I actually read some walkthroughs just for fun and to see how other people tackle bits of various games.

All the best,


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