Sean, the word Crappy is very different to the word short. I would not describe Aprone's games as crappy simply because they lack in length the same way I would describe a delicious meal as crappy simply because I could've done with another course.

I would suggest that you think about what you say on list more carefully in future, however this is not the first, ---- or even fifth time you've expressed your opinions in in a way which is offensive to others, indeed many of your opinions come across as arrogant and hypercrytical of anything anyone does whether or not this is your intention I'm not sure, however I will confess that I do delete most of the messages from you unread, even on a topic of list discussion i'd otherwise read all messages from for this reason.

I'm really sorry, but when trying to make considdered and rational comments about a programmer as tallented as jeremy and you come up with "crappy" as the best descriptive term you can find, ----- well let us just say that "crappy" is probably the most mild term i'd use for such occurrences.

I'd ask you to please considder the art of constructive cryticism and politeness, however sinse so many people have brought this up before and you've planely taken absolutely no notice this would seem a pointless exercize.

Beware the grue!


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