Hi Shaun,

Well, as one of those gamers who prefers a game has a decent
storyline, characters I can identify with, and so on that's where we
disagree. I personally feel a game's storyline is very important to
the success of the game.

Take for example the Tomb Raider series. Since it was originally
released in 1997 there have been 12 games, two movies, a handful of
books, a limited line of Lara Croft action figures, etc all based on a
video game series. Tomb Raider's success is in large part due to an
engaging storyline and a leading main character well recieved by male
and female gamers alike.

On the flip side books and movies like Batman, Superman, Star Wars,
Harry Potter, etc have been converted into video games as well. Again
the main reason for this is because those stories and characters have
mass appeal. If someone is a die-hard Harry Potter fan chances are
they'll buy the Harry Potter game that goes with that book/movie.

My point being is while I respect the work Jeremy is doing, enjoy the
games for the most part, I still feel they fall short in areas of
background story and main characters. They don't engage me on an
emotional level, draw me into the game world, etc the way a game with
an involving plot would.

As far as length goes that depends on my mood at the time. However,
generally speaking I like games that take hours to complete. I
remember playing mainstream games like Galaxy Civilization and
spending like five or six days on a single campaign. We don't have
many accessible games that have that much depth or complexity. Time of
Conflict is probably the closest we can get to that kind of strategy
game right now. That's not to say shorter games aren't good. Just that
I prefer something longer for maximum entertainment value.


On 11/20/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> These comments jeremy were for those that  think that the only good
> game has to have a story, well structured and lenghthy as.
> A game is fine even if its got a good, crappy or no plot at all
> unless ofcause its boring or  difficult to master.
> Your games are sertainly not boring and I like works in progress
> testing concepts like online play.
> I must admit I never got the full hang of lunimals castaways and in
> fact most of the games but I'll get there.
> Swamp I seem to, rught now there is to much amo etc so its a bit
> pointless right now but you will probably fix that at some point as
> its still a work in progress.
> At some point I'd really like the story mode to be done and maybe an
> intro to that but for what it is, its quite good.

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