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Hi Shaun,

Well, as one of those gamers who prefers a game has a decent
storyline, characters I can identify with, and so on that's where we
disagree. I personally feel a game's storyline is very important to
the success of the game.


Tom, I think one has to be careful about using the word success in this
discussion.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Angry Birds is among
the most successful games in history, despite its lack of a detailed back
story.  It is much more successful than the movie Rio to which it's related.

A question, what games in our market have received the most play?  I don't
actually know the answer to that, but I'll wager it's the simpler ones,
simply because we have a segment of our population that prefers them.  

I happen to be with you on the complexity front and story is an issue.  Many
of the suggestions I've made re: Swamp have been to work towards including
story elements and a reason for people to play and cooperate that isn't
purely mechanical.  But it appears from your message that you're equating
our shared tastes with success, and I'm not sure the market mainstream or
otherwise supports you.  I suspect that casual gaming as the aforementioned
Angry Birds or Farmville and its associated spin-offs leaves titles to our
taste in the dust for sales, market penetration and ad-based revenue.

        Chris Bartlett

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