hi tim.

This was tried with audio game maker, and really didn't work out at all. The problem is even if you wrote a game completely in English syntax, you've stil got a hole bunch of things to defign.

Take a symple space invaders game as an example.

you first need to setup the playing field as sterrio, decide how much your character moves according to key presses, have each invader represented by a sound, have the game track the amount of time it takes invaders to land and change the sounds accordingly, have your character move left and right and thus line up the invaders, have a method for tracking shooting to say when you press a key a shoot sound is pressed, and if pressed when an invader is not centered you miss, where as if it is centered you hit, have the game track lives lost when invaders land etc.

thus, even doing this in plane english there is lots of stuff to write and you just couldn't do it effectively with a sort of question and answer or filling in form fields, you have to actually write the instructions.

this is what bgt does, it lets you concentrate on writing just the game instructions. Complications come because you can't quite write the instructions in plane english but must put them a specific way for the game to understand.

that's why level editers track editers and the like are so useful. You can play with the factors in a game without having to setup the hole malarchy from scratch.

for example, setting up a racing game would require a huge amount of instructions, about speed and distance and laps tracked and handling and such, but making tracks for existing racing games like rail racer or top speed just requires playing with the environment.

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