Well I think I figured out. I got an assault rifle and discovered I'm vastly better with it than with the pistol. Are you sure you can't hear further than any of the projectile weapon's ranges? Because it turns out I have been aiming properly as far as I can tell. The little problem of losing anything but the pistol though meant that I lost it right away. Some people are doing really well with the game now, but so far I can't figure it out. I can't keep anything but the pistol and if I run out of ammo I get stuck having to fight with the pistol which I can't hit with so I end up getting hurt and lose that weapon anyway. I guess it helps if I'm leveled up enough to buy that stuff maybe.

I have a couple of suggestions too. You haven't made the safe zone heal yet, are you going to do that eventually? Also the medkits don't seem to be plentiful enough to bother with, and they cost too much and don't give enough health. Someone had 35 of them on the game though, no idea how they managed that.

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On 11/29/2011 3:46 PM, Valiant8086 wrote:
So I've been playing swamp for a while today. I just can't hit anything. I used to be really good at it at least I thought so, but now I can't hit anything unless I get right on top of it. Lining up with the footsteps never works unless they're just a few steps from me. Making footsteps louder actually caused me lots of problems. Also them not groaning very often and when they do it won't pan is hurting too. I know that's on the table to get fixed, but can you get zombies to groan more often. I can't understand why I can't aim though, I get it dead center and fire at it. But if I walk towards it it's quite a ways off to my left or right. You'd think I didn't have any left right stereo balance perception. Also does anybody know if you can turn double click delay down? If I fire at a zombie, then release to listen if I hit, hit, and push down to fire some more, nothing happens because at that point it's a double click. *sigh*. When I let up, wait a second, then hold down again the zombie has already moved out of the line of fire.

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