There are 3 ways I have to determine if the sounds are from another player, 
or a zombie:

1. The sounds of the footsteps are different. Most players run, and running 
steps from a player are much different than any other zombies. Just listen 
and you will hear the difference.

2. If not sure, use the F key  and another key to talk to them. One problem 
with that is now that will attract zombies. And the other problem is that 
many players don't have the courtesy to answer back. But some will and that 
way you know it is another player.

As for multiplayer, I am all for it. For now, I just wait until someone near 
me is unloading a m60 or vulcan and stay close. Then clean up any they miss.

3. Give the footsteps a second and listen. If you hear a weapon firing from 
that position, then you know it is another player since no zombie can fire 
any weapon.

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Hi Che, I very much wish to play team work. will sure give more depth to the
game and I believe jeremy intended this way especially looking at how the
field kit works. The main problem i feel is often we can't really tell
whether is it zombies and our team mate near by. And it won't make sense to
make zombies growl continuously. We need to put more heads together to find
a way around it. now we actually waste a lot of ammo shooting at friends.
锦发/Steady Goh

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