I would say the majority of the players i've talked with like the fact you pay a stiff penalty if you die, myself included. I know some people just want action all the time, but swamp isn't really designed that way it seems to me. if you can get into the spirit of the MP play by planning out your attacks, making sure you don't walk into a situation where you might get ambushed, etc. you'll appreciate the game more, and start to feel more in tune with your character. One thing I would personally like to see more of is team work, and maybe missions that require teamwork down the line. it seems most folks just do their own thing, when a couple of players cooperating can really do some damage if they have their crap together.

To that end, my name on there is B A if anyone ever needs backup or whatever. One question though, didn't we get 5 rep points per kill before, and now we get 1? this seems a bit on the cheap side, considering 20 rounds of .45 ammo costs you 30 rep, leather jacket is 40 i think, etc. i love the idea of reputation as barter, and hopefully the rep economy can be tweaked out as we go here. having to kill 100 zombies to buy a shotgun is a bit expensive. also, if you haven't already and your spending hours of time in the game, remember even a five dollar donation helps out, jeremy could easily be charging 50 bucks for this game, so do the right thing and help support a great game developer.
happy hunting,

On 11/26/2011 6:22 PM, Ryan Strunk wrote:
I have to agree with the latter traffic in stating that death in the game
should cost you your equipment, especially considering some of the other
mechanics that exist. If zombies can rip a weapon out of your hand and break
it, what makes you think they wouldn't do the same to the rest of your
weapons once they had taken you out. And that's not even considering what
they'd do to your body.
It sucks losing your gear after an hour of hunting, but that's the danger in
being out hunting for an hour. Either come back at regular increments to
drop off gear, or face the possibility that all the work will go to waste if
you make a wrong turn.

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So far I prefer the game to not make you lose your equipment when you
die. Maybe that won't be so bad if weapons become more plentiful again
though. I had lots of equipment today about 45 minutes worth of time
went down the drain when I got killed trying to reach the safe zone. We
might be a little better off maintaining equipment on death though,
assuming the bug fixes don't rebalance it.

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