Ok, maybe this is the right place and time.

I ve seen Howard talking about Tapestry, then I decided to take a better look at it. 
At the first look, it seems as a 
small front controller and a template engine. What I cant understand is why does 
Jakarta keep getting new M or 
V or C subprojects that almost compete with each other, instead concentrating forces 
in a single one.

In JCP I ve seen Apache refusing a JSR (JSF if I am not wrong) because it would go 
directly "against" Struts. But 
Jakarta is doing this to itself! 

I can understand having OJB even with Torque, its very different and it will be JDO. 
What I dont get is Tapestry 
AND Velocity AND EL AND Struts taglib AND maybe something that I dont know.

Sorry if I didnt get what is the real Jakarta proposal. And Howard, I am really not 
complaining about Tapestry, it 
is just one example (I reallylike the idea of removing all links and URLs from 
templates). I really dont want a 



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> I'm looking for a bit of advice.
> People keep asking me "how many people are using Tapestry" ... and I
> honestly have no idea.  Insufficient feedback.  
> Do you have a way of determining the user base of POI?  Any guidelines based
> on downloads?
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