On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Henri Gomez wrote:

> Paulo Silveira wrote:
> > Sorry not giving a link the other time. Here is Apache voting against
> > JSR 127 long time ago.
> In such case we could (should) understand ASF position.

I can understand it if the ASF were worried that a JSR would put the
existence of the OSS project in doubt, due to the legalities of an OSS
project not being able to be a JSR implementation in some cases, but not
to protect their product.

> Why create something in official Java APIs/Products when
> there is allready a good OSS alternative.

To standardise it. Why is OSS any different?

Why create an official Java API when there is an already good commercial

> It still a shame that Sun didn't selected log4j for 1.4.

Because it was quite arguably the de facto standard by the point the JSR
was announced.

> BTW, having multiple OSS competitors projects is a
> good stimulation and could result in a later merge
> (see TC3/TC4 => TC5).

I'm not sure two versions of one project quite shows the example, but it
is a good point.

> Diversity is great.

And forcing a lack of diversity merely prevents one set of possibilities
happening. So +1 to diversity.


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