> >>Why create something in official Java APIs/Products when
> >>there is allready a good OSS alternative.

> >To standardise it. Why is OSS any different?

> Exactly!  So why bother "standardizing" it via Sun.  If there is a 
> ubiquitous Apache standard already, then there is NO need for a Sun 
> standard.

Personally I think the danger is, as Andy pointed out, that Sun including a lot of 
functionality in the core distribution of Java JSE or in JEE limits the ability of 
third parties to develop solutions, in a way very similar to M$'s inclusion of 
extended functionality in the basic Windows OS installation.

Standards should not be taken to mean "product most widely used" or "the product 
officially supported" they are something else.
IMO standards are, and should be, benchmarks against which people can compare their 
work and say either it does or it does not support standard x,y or z. 
Standards compliance can be a goal of any software project. 
Standards compliance as a goal of un-related projects results in the kind of 
interoperability that is fundamental to the character of the internet.

Open Source has standards as a cornerstone because it allows loosely coordinated 
groups to produce interoperable systems simply by supporting common, published, 

Sun's use of JSR's to add core functionality, as far as I can see, goes way beyond the 
standardization of contracts to include implementations, and these implementations are 
often bundled with Java in one form or another. 

The result is that if you are interested in the contract you don't need to go 
elsewhere to find software implementing it, its right there already, and its free, so 
why bother?

As far as I can see Apache's position in the JSR review defends the right of third 
parties to be allowed to implement contracts approved by JSR and adopted by Sun on an 
equal footing with the JSR's participants and cash rich commercial organisations.


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