I can understand it if the ASF were worried that a JSR would put the
existence of the OSS project in doubt, due to the legalities of an OSS
project not being able to be a JSR implementation in some cases, but not
to protect their product.

Why not? What is the point of having a JSR which requires useless changes in an OSS project just to support the JSR? Opensource standards are DEFACTO standards. Economics works to their benefit. JSRs take the decision making process AWAY from the community and puts it in the hands of folks whom are willing to sign their brains away via NDAs. You cannot have a community if members are under NDA. You also can't have a meritocratic community if some members get to make specification decisions and others don't based strictly on who has signed their brain away to Sun.

Therefore, supporting JSRs where there are already good dominant Apache projects is against Apache's interest. You either get sidestepped like the JSP vs Velocity thing or you move the decision making process into Sun which is apt to happen with Jetspeed.

I guess it depends on whether you think you're here to work in a community and help yourself or if you're here to stroke Sun.

Why create something in official Java APIs/Products when
there is allready a good OSS alternative.

To standardise it. Why is OSS any different?

Exactly! So why bother "standardizing" it via Sun. If there is a ubiquitous Apache standard already, then there is NO need for a Sun standard.

Why create an official Java API when there is an already good commercial

This is irrelevant to the discussion.

It still a shame that Sun didn't selected log4j for 1.4.

Because it was quite arguably the de facto standard by the point the JSR
was announced.

And how does supporting Sun's JSR for logging help Apache? Especially log4j?

Diversity is great.

And forcing a lack of diversity merely prevents one set of possibilities
happening. So +1 to diversity.

And JSRs limit diversity ;-) (you don't always want diversity, but note that "standards" are a limit on diversity)



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