Note that Sun's JCP NDA agreements burn the second and third completely. And possibly the first (though i'm not a big fan of long standing deprecations.. ).


Thanks Pier.  I had wondered when someone would point this out.
Having clarity on the facts is very important, because all too
often non-reasons distract us from the really important reasons.

With respect to having multiple projects doing the same thing, I believe
Apache's approach has been very balanced and laudable.  You've got 3
fundamental forces at play:
+ The need to maintain backwards compatibility so you don't burn your
  existing users.
+ The desire to continue innovation, advancing our designs and APIs.
+ The desire to support and recognize strong, healthy developer
  communities which share the Apache values of innovation, open
  software, community, and meritocracy.

Apache has met all three of these forces in it's decisions to adopt
additional projects, such as Struts and Tapestry.

Whereas businesses aim to maximize profit, and academia structures to
maximize ego, Apache and open source have routinely demonstrated
a true commitment to maximizing community.  And we are all better
off for it.


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