An article on The Server Side
( started me
thinking again about HiveMind today.  The major issues mentioned there are
the same as mentioned by Howard below:

> > I've looked to see how we could graft HiveMind into Avalon and
> > but they are really quite different beasts.  The type-1 vs.
> > split is intrinsic and difficult to reconcile.  HiveMind's concept of a
> > module doesn't map so easily into the  Avalon space, and HiveMind's
> > free-for-all approach doesn't jive with Avalon's dogmatic security model
> > (including its explicit application construction descriptor).

Are these really incompatible concepts?  Isn't Merlin, for example, trying
to do more with auto-assembly?  Doesn't our model allow us to push services
to be used rather than having to pull them from a service manager?  I really
don't see why this is an either-or issue.

Likewise, free-for-all vs security can be viewed as a policy.

I suggest that people give some thought to how TO collaborate with HiveMind
and Avalon.  I think that the combination of people and technologies could
be great.

        --- Noel

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