Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

I don't think that Avalon has any right to have a stranglehold on all
service frameworks.


The Avalon community very aware of the the different approaches that exist. If your following the Avalon dev list you would be aware of ongoing discussions concerning different approaches in the container/component space - the benefits and disadvantages, emergent opportunities, brick-walls, etc.

I also must say that I hate the "come discuss this in
'our' house" approach to collaboration.

I'm surprised that you feel this way. If you were subscribed to Avalon dev you would have been aware of discussions concerning HiveMind before the subject came up here. Several members were discussing this subject at a technical level that would not make sense on this list. My invitation to Howard (that seems to have offended you for reasons that I don't understand) was based on the interests in getting some thoughts from the Howard and other members of the HiveMind community on aspect relating to collaboration with Avalon. Perhaps we have different ideas on what that means - for me at least is about sharing ideas and talking - its not (as you suggest) a notion of territory to be protected.

I hope that Howard or other members of the HiveMind team take up that invitation because there is potential synergy.

One size does not fit all and
Avalon has shown over the years that this is especially true for it.

Interestingly, the activities over on avalon over the past year have been addressing many of the deeper issues implied by you conclusion. What does one size mean? Is size adaptive? How does one deliver the the parametrized solution that best fits the size that is needed? All of these question are being addressed within Avalon today. I also happen to to think that Howard and the HiveMind team could contribute to that and I also think that the more recent work in Avalon could contribute to HimeMind.

I say
that Howard Lewis Ship is a skilled coder and community builder and if he
wants to give it a try with HiveMind, while the topic bores me personally,
I'll give him my support.  If he does want to collaborate with the
Avalonites (Avaloners?) then he should be encouraged to do so; however, if
his approach is different enough to warrant its own show then I encourage
him to do that as well.  I trust his judgment to that effect.

Personally - I'm interested in getting some feedback from Howard on a number of question I've posted to him on this list and remain hopeful that he or other members of the HiveMind team will leverage the pool of opinions and talent over on Avalon - as a mutually interesting exercise (just as members of that same pools are interested in leveraging the content and knowlege from the HiveMind team). As far as I can se the question of collaboration remains completely open - after all - no discussion has taken place todate either here on over on avalon.

I think it would be good to at least do some exploration of mutual interests - don't you?


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