So basically if I call my project a component I don't have to go through the incubator just YOUR

Nope, poor explanation on my part. Code created within the Apache community does not have to go through the incubator at all. The only bit component refers to is related to Martin's point - it describes Jakartas scope - or at least the scope that I think we're arriving at after years of subprojects becoming tlp.

Not everyone is at your destination. Nor does everyone agree on the direction.

Totally NOT how the incubator was described to me. As I understand it if Tomcat (for instance) wants to create a new JSP engine, that's kosher for Tomcat. However if someone in POI wanted to create a new AI engine (having nothing to do with MS file formats) then that is Incubator-toast.

3. -1 to the form of this proposal which seems overly coarse grained or not nearly detailed (I'm not sure which)

Sounds about right - response so far suggests I need a lot more in the proposal - and it's probably better to go with the JLC vote next so the sandbox issue would be more obvious (things would be going from Commons Sandbox to JLC grouping).

So far that seems like more commons mess. Thus far I've failed to see what makes it not more of the same (aka commons).

The usual chestnut :) You say communities, I say community.

I said nothing of the sort either way. I have come to consider such discussions in the same thread as "proactively actuate our SOA realization strategy paradigm shift"... Lets focus on core and concrete.

Agreed, the JLC proposal is completely yet more commons mess. Why's the 'yet more' part of this negative?

I would challenge that the problem with the commons mess is it has no scope what-so-ever -- except kinda java...or not really... And now somehow the Ant has designed to swallow the elephant.

-1 to that. No more predominantly scopeless or fuzzy-scope commons-like-projects. No more painless ways around the incubator. Not because I love the incubator, I think it was a bad idea, but it should apply to everyone.

I think HTTPClient has a scope (for instance) and that's probably even tight. I don't think commons has ANY scope other than what the participants have decided to do today.

If you want to talk "the board's intent" -- then this is the core of the issue and not whether you force us all to get 1000 irrelevant-to-us emails in a day.



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