Based on that what WOULD BE out of scope of today's commons or this MEGA-sandbox or this JCL or whatever?

robert burrell donkin wrote:
On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 10:20 -0400, Andrew C. Oliver wrote:


Totally NOT how the incubator was described to me. As I understand it if Tomcat (for instance) wants to create a new JSP engine, that's kosher for Tomcat. However if someone in POI wanted to create a new AI engine (having nothing to do with MS file formats) then that is Incubator-toast.

that is a matter of scope, not incubation policy

a hypothetical example might help to illustrate the difference:

JSP engines are in-scope for tomcat but out-of-scope for xerces. xerces
is not allowed a JSP engine as part of that project.
but if a new JSP engine wanted by tomcat was created outside the ASF, it
would need to come in through the incubator. if it arrives without a
external community (for example, because it was developed off-shore by
tomcat developers) then it's a simply process of legal sign off. if it
arrives with a community then it needs to enter as a podling to ensure
that the community gets the help they need to understand how apache

however, if the xerces developers (let's say for sake of argument)
wanted to create a JCP engine at apache but outside tomcat they would
need to create a new project. it is now seems more difficult for new
projects to be created at apache (the test is subjective and democratic
so this is an observation not a rule). it is much easier to create a new
project offshore and then bring it in through the incubator. so, the
scope issue would (for practical purposes) probably require them to go
through the incubator.

- robert

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