Hello Henri,

> I bet a lot of Jakarta does not conform - it's only when a release
> happens that we think about bringing it up to date. This is not a
> problem of the POI community but a problem of the Jakarta community
> structure and for the PMC. It's the PMC's responsibility to make sure
> these releases are right and not the POI community.


> A plus point of POI as a TLP is that then it becomes the POI
> community's responsibility far more (as I imagine there would be far
> more of 1:1 ratio of committers to PMC there).

You see a chance to move POI to TLP in the current situation?
I've always see "going TLP" as a way to gain visibility, and
would have expected the board to make sure that projects doing
that step are working well. You've definitely more insight here.

> Let's not go over the top here - the release itself isn't that bad and
> it's got the important things right (license, notice). Having gone and
> looked at them, I'm not overly worried about the two particular
> releases themselves, just that it's clear that information is not
> getting out to POI and that it urgently needs to somehow.

OK again. Thanks for putting that into perspective.


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