Hello Avik,

Avik Sengupta wrote:

> This is completely out of line (to say the least).

Yes it was. Henri already pointed out my error, and I apologize for
mixing things up and thereby offending the POI community. The problem
was not in the release files, it was with the procedure used for
publishing it. The responsibility for that is with the PMC and not
the developer community.
My thoughts started spinning around this vote thread over the week-end,
they spun too far from what was actually happening, and I failed to
re-read the mails on the PMC list. Again: I apologize. I'll do my best
to avoid misinterpretations in the future.

> Maybe you want to help out on the list, rather than presume that the POI
> developers want to become a commons subproject. How presumptuous!

I did not presume that POI developers want to become a commons
subproject. It was you who mentioned becoming a commons subproject,
and you clearly stated that you did not want that to happen. I just
pointed out that neither promoting up to TLP (to make a clean split
between POI and Jakarta) nor promoting down to a commons subproject
(to somehow cover up the existing community split) would address
the problem at hand. I was not suggesting nor considering moving POI
to a commons subproject at any time, and I am sorry if I phrased
that ambiguously.

As for helping the (POI) list, I'm afraid that I don't have time left
for that. HttpComponents is taking up the time I have available. I am
trying to help the Jakarta community - including POI - by participating
in this discussion on [EMAIL PROTECTED] I share my views and current 
of the discussion's subject, however wrong they may be at times, and hope
to get new information and to be corrected where I am wrong before
I cast my vote. If I should vote at all, since there are only +1 and -1
to choose from.

> As to voting on files, I'm yet to see a board resolution that makes it
> mandatory. So yes, that's a suggestion that the POI team will surely
> consider (read the dev list archives, we've done that for major releases
> earlier... the current release is considered alpha for a reason [yes i
> know, its still a legal release] ), but is not reason to bash four years
> of existence on a project.

For the latter, I apologize once more. But I also ask you to take
note that I phrased that part of my mail as a question. Provocative,
yes, but still a question. Thank you (and Henri) for answering it.
For the future, I'll try to avoid writing such mails late at night
when I am tired and my thoughts have spun around for too long.


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