Luca Longinotti wrote:
> As the title says, what would you prefer for the future of MySQL in
> Please take a moment to read
> and vote (and
> eventually comment on it).
> Thanks!

I've asked to Luca to have one week poll but the results [1] show
already that MySQL will be unslotted at the end.
Thank you to spend the time to do that I should do it _before_ to try
the slotting road (and may be speak with the other MySQL maintainer
before :p).

Luca (chtekk) Longinotti, will also take care of MySQL, on my request,
in a near future, then I'll stay as a backup maintainer for the time
coming, or leave if needed for whatever reason.

Before to this to happen I'll try my best to close the greatest number
of bugs still open (many already are but not committed) and manage to
bring MySQL back to the unslotted version.

Yes.  12% [ 12 ]
No.   75% [ 72 ]
No preference. 11% [ 11 ]

Best regards,
Francesco Riosa

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