On 03/20/2010 02:56 AM, Jean-Marc Hengen wrote:
> Duncan wrote:
>> ...
> ++ - I can only add the saying "With freedom comes great responsibility.".
> Maybe the python herd could maintain a little status page which covers
> informations like:
> - Estimated python 3 compatibility in respect to the packages in the
> main tree.

That would be easy enough to generate from dependencies. Surely
there are some dependencies that need to be updated, but that
shouldn't be much work. For example, I've already updated the
cracklib and libxml2 deps to indicate lack of python3 support.

> - Recommendations if installing makes sense or not (e.g. package X gains
> feature Y with python 3).
> - Recommendations if setting python 3 as system engine makes already
> sense or not.
> This way gentoo can give its users the tools needed to make a good
> decision if python 3 makes sense on his system. For me as a user I need
> more time to study if an action makes sense than implementing said
> action (e.g. locally masking python 3 - It would not be the first time
> masking a package). If one isn't into python, it gets even more complicated.

I would advise people to go ahead and install it as long as they can
spare a little disk space and cpu time. Anybody who is tight on
those resources should feel free to mask it (and the dependency
resolver will certainly notify you if this is not feasible in your
case). Honestly, I don't see a need for lots of data analysis here,
but maybe some people just like that kind of thing.

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