fre 2010-03-19 klockan 05:13 -0500 skrev Dale:
> Because, when I installed gcc 4.3, I could then unmerge the old gcc.  
> That's why I didn't complain about that.  With python, we still have to 
> have the current version plus the new version which is not being used at 
> all.

That was if you did not use qemu that did *not* compile or run with a
gcc never then gcc-3 for a couple of years...

Also search for "gcc-porting" in b.g.o and guess what: there are many
packages that fits this description for gcc, qemu was just a special
case since for it it actually took YEARS before upstream released a
version that worked with gcc-4, most other packages is often easier to
patch (since it is mostly compile-time brokenness related to headers or
other "small" fixes) and our awesome toolchain guys helps fixing it up
before it hits ~arch.

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