On 10/30/2010 08:10 AM, Thomas Sachau wrote:
> If i remember it right, the server profile was created for those people, who 
> only want a minimum
> amount of default profile enabled USE flags (so no desktop profile because of 
> that), but on the
> other side dont want to do the additional work/checks/reading for hardened 
> profiles (which have much
> less profile enabled USE flags, but also have the special gcc, glibc and 
> Kernel), basicly a profile,
> which does the same as hardened profile without the specific hardened bits.

Isn't this essentially what the default profile is?  Basically server is
just default + USE="apache2 ldap mysql snmp truetype xml".

Hmm, which of those flags is not like the others?  Maybe it is needed
for a use-dependency/etc.

It seems like a not-quite-minimal and definitely not all-in-one set of
features.  I could see if this were some kind of run-your-whole-network
appliance that threw in everything from DNS to mail to asterisk, and
with a canned set of integrated configuration files for turnkey
operation.  I could see if we just stuck with the minimal default
profile.  I just don't get having a LAMP box without the P, but with
ldap and snmp - oh, and truetype...


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