I have strong interests in a ggi related window manager. As for
writting it in ggi I dont know. I am writting a couple of library sets
that build on the ggi concept. The first liboui, prononced lib-we is a
wrapper that targets other tool kits. I have a basic example written in
python that creates a hello world program in gtk or tk. The end result is
to target any display and use the appropriate window tool kit. The idea is
further reaching than the wxWindows tool kit. 
        Even targeting such diverse "display" evnviroments as the speach
card for the blind and the non graphical consol. The second library
liboctopus will be a high level tool kit that will use ggi as a display
enviroment to be used with liboui. 
        Programs written in both will be applications that can run on any
enviroment with out recompiling that can also be changed dynamicaly while
        I have been planning to write a "catch all" manager that could
help the applications under any enviroment. It would not be a ggi only
window manager though as it would also be used on non graphic consoles and
the speach target. It should also scale or step up through the modes and
even merge different modes together.
        The first applications that I will be making are and ide and a
package managment front end that will handel cross platform installs. I
will be trying to obtain a place for a mail list and web portal soon and
will put up the cvs stuff. :)

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Mathias Weiss wrote:

>Hi all!
>I'm playing with the thought of writing a window manager based on ggi. Of
>course X Window programs should run also as well as programms with graphic
>libs based on X Window.  As far as I know there are some communication
>functions in X where the window manager and the client are communicating
>about resize requests or when quiting the aplication.
>Is there something equivalently within GGI???
>gr. matthias

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