On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, Mathias Weiss wrote:

> > No - what I am talking about, is how the windowmanager places its
> > decorations _outside_ the application window.
> Ah, I see, misunderstanding.
> > XGGI _is_ an X server. Nothing special about it.
> > 
> I'm a bit confused. Rushing through the GGI and XGGI homepage I got the
> impression that XGGI is a layer between an application requiring Xlib
> functions and libggi. That would be your mentioned Xlib-wrapper,
> directing all Xlib function to ggi/gii functions.
> Please give me an explanation what XGGI exactly is and whether it needs a
> running X Server or not. 

There is a misunderstanding too. At the current version of XFree86
3.3.x each X-server has a (small) bunch of drivers for some graphic cards.
So far OK?

XGGI itself is a X-server on top of GGI. The idea behind of it is, that
there is _one_ X-server for _any_ graphic card. I hope, you can follow
now, if not...

Christoph Egger

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