Andreas Beck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > This is exactly what I don't want. A major reason why I want to use GGI
> > for this win. manager is that X is a resource killer. 
> Then this is the only way. All X applications talk to libX11, which in turn
> talks to the x server. The only place where you can intercept the
> communications before it gets transformed into X protocol requests
> (interpreting them would mean reinventing an X server), would be to
> replace LibX11. Doable, but very much work.

Afraid not. Quite a few programs talk the raw X-protocol. All programs
I wrote before GTK+ emerged did that. This is due to the fact that
libX11 is actually not easier to use that the protocol directly and
the fact that it (the lib) wasn't thread-safe at the time.

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