> I'm playing with the thought of writing a window manager based on ggi. 

In what sense ? I.e. GGI is not a windowing system, so I don't quite see
what to manage.

Or do you mean something like writing an X windowmanager that does its
rendering of decorations and stuff via LibGGI ?

I have never thought about the latter. Is anyone with deeper insight into
Windowmanagers here to tell us how it is done ?

Is it basically like opening additional Windows cleverly placed around the
application window, or drawing to the root window (I doubt that) or what ?

I mean: If we can tweak the X target to render to such stuff, we could do
way cool stuff like program icons running your favorite GGI program or
titlebars and menus being interactive.

That wouldn't be exactly what GGI is designed for, but looking at the
popularity of the screamingly colorful windowmanagers like WindowMaker or
Enlightenment, it could give GGI quite a boost in interest.

That is: If we can make a windowmanager that will run GGI applications to
render his widgets, that would be way cool. I'd definitely volunteer to
write a bunch of cool plugins, though I have no idea about how to write a

> Of course X Window programs should run also as well as programms with 
> graphic libs based on X Window.

O.K. - only chance I see then (except if you want to take the huge effort of
writing a "Direct-X-through-GGI", i.e. kind of an X-wrapper like the SVGAlib
wrapper is), would be what I propose above (though I don't know, if it is

> As far as I know there are some communication functions in X where the 
> window manager and the client are communicating about resize requests 
> or when quiting the aplication.


> Is there something equivalently within GGI???

No, because GGI does not have such functionality. We had considered
something like it for the resize stuff at least, but AFAIK it is not

However there is libwmh that can be used to "remote-control" a
windowmanager, if one exists. That is a LibGGI application can ask the
windowmanager for placement, size, setting window titles, z-ordering
and iconifying stuff.

Moreover, if you want to do what I propose above, that does not require
any such functionality. It would basically mean taking any existing
windowmanager and ripping off the widget rendering parts and replacing 
them with calls to ggi applications.

Might be a bit ressource-intensive as it will eventually spawn off lots of
processes, but most of them should sleep in the normal case anyway ...

CU, ANdy

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