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> On 30 Jan 2000, Peter Bortas wrote:

> > Afraid not. Quite a few programs talk the raw X-protocol. All programs
> > I wrote before GTK+ emerged did that. This is due to the fact that
> > libX11 is actually not easier to use that the protocol directly and
> > the fact that it (the lib) wasn't thread-safe at the time.
> Yah know, that explains why my very-multithreaded QT/[broken]mpeg2 player
> crashes with various faults under X.  using GGI for display.
> Suggestions? :)

I'm a bit surprised if your X-libs aren't thread safe by now. I haven't
heard of someone stupid enough to compile unsafe libs since RedHat
5.1. I do most of my programming through other peoples toolkits
nowadays though, so I don't know for sure.

What distro are you running? 

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