Hello again Rebecca,

[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-10-05 at 2147.11 +0200):
> > XML is supposed to make information more portable into the future,
> > right?
> > 
> > GIMP is being used in classrooms lately, it would be nice if we have the
> > option to print all gimp documentation in any form we should choose.
> I'm not as familiar with XML conversion tools as I am with SGML, but I think they 
> It is like the GIMP help.  We write the help in Doc Book SGML.  It can be converted 
>to cool stuff including PDF.
> Pippin has been writing our SGML to PDF converter.  It can also be converted to
> HTML.  (Which is what gets done before it goes into the release right now anyway)
Okay, everything I know about XML I learned by osmosis (ie, i slept with
XML in a Nutshell under my pillow), but XML seems to make sense and be a
lot less rigid than SGML.

Also, XML is mentioned in this document:


> (Sorry if the line wrapping is messed up.  Evo is misbehaving)
Try mutt! I love it. I will send you my config files if you like ...


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