MArk Finlay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1. Everyone loves a good splash screen, but now Gnome has
> startup-notification which kinda makes them superflous. Startup
> notification lets you know that your applications is starting but it
> is not as intrusive as a splash. I have edited my Gimp Launcher to
> add the line 'StartupNotify=true' and to change it to run 'gimp-1.3
> -s'. To me this feels much snappier than before. And eventually when
> nautilus has integrated support for startup notification it would
> make sense to do the same for the gnome mime-type.

huh? I doubt that most of our users use Nautilus or even GNOME. The
current CVS version of The GIMP now properly supports startup
notification and there's a command-line option to disable the splash.
What more could you possibly ask for?

> I still use the right click, and never even notice the menu bar, but
> for every non-gimp user who sits down at my computer this
> effectively "un-breaks" the gimp for them. So what I am suggesting
> is that this toolbar be enabled by default.

If the menubar wouldn't be cut off at the right side but wrap, we
could even consider to do this. Since it is rather broken at it is
now, I don't want to see it as the default. Of course packagers are
free to change the default if they are bundling GIMP for newbies
That's as easy as changing one line in the system-wide gimprc.

> 4. It be great in the Font selection dialog to be able to change the
> text from "my mind is going..." to see other characters in the font.
> Also it'd be better by default to replace this text with a selection
> of characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters and sysbols.

you should at least look at the latest version before you start to
criticize things that are known to be under construction.

Salut, Sven
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