Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=117010
> Sven closed my bug report suggesting removing or reducing the user
> installer.  I have moved it to NeedInfo, as I hope with more information
> you can be convinced it is worth reopening.

I did not close your report. I marked it as a duplicate of bug #113165
because the issue has already been discussed there.

> At the very least the second and third pages about the files that are
> getting installed could be removed

The information about the files that are installed in the user
directory is about the most important part of this dialog. The
installation log may be unneeded in case of success but I don't think
we should just drop a number of files in the user directory. Unlike
the GNOME developers we don't expect our users to be stupid. We put a
lot of effort into writing user-editable configuration files. We try
to document what the user can do with her personal gimp directory. The
user installation dialog is an important part of this. It shows the
user that there are files to manipulate, directories to add to, things
to look at it. Hiding this information would not improve anything.

> At most all you would need say is one sentence, something like
> GIMP will need to install configuration files which take up roughly
> 500 kb.  The documentation could explain what these files are for those
> who want to know more.

Which documentation? At the moment the user installation dialog is the
best documentation we have about this topic. Unless you write a better
documentation, it won't be removed.

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