Alan Horkan wrote:
> I think the user installer could be shortened or even removed entirely.
> Distributions like Knoppix already skip it entirely.
> At the very least the second and third pages about the files that are
> getting installed could be removed
> At most all you would need say is one sentence, something like
> GIMP will need to install configuration files which take up roughly
> 500 kb.  The documentation could explain what these files are for those
> who want to know more.

I agree for the most part. We don't really need to tell the user
that the mkdir of .gimp-1.3/patterns succeeded. At the very least
we could hide this kind of thing behind a "More info" button.

Personally I have no problem with the licence screen, but after
"Continue", everything should be automated. Only in the event of
install failure should the user be prompted to help out. While
the "Personal GIMP Folder" page is nice with context help and the
like, it is not something everyone needs to know about.

The "User installation log" page is pretty poor UI in my opinion
- we execute a number of commands, saying what commands we're
executing, followed by a Success or Failure. And at the end, if
it's all Success, we say "Installation Successful" at the end.
Why not skip saying what we're doing, just put up the
"Installation Successful" at the end if all goes wiell, or a
"Could not complete installation" with a "More details" button.

And, IMHO, the GIMP performance tuning page should be left out.
These things are parametrisable in the preferences, and they
should probably be better documented in a "Troubleshooting"
section under performance problems and disk space problems.

And page 5 (monitor calibration) should definitely be skipped. Get 
the resolution my default from the monitor, as we do, and allow 
manual calibration in the preferences.

So there are 5 installation pages to go through, of which someone
unfamiliar with the GIMP, or somewhat familiar with the GIMP, but
not with computing in general, might be interested in 1, or even

I think it can be simplified a lot too.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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