Sven Neumann wrote:

I would agree with you if we would force the user to calibrate her
monitor. But please note that you can go thru the full user
installation process by hitting the default button 5 times. Now
compare this to the installer of whatever windows software. It's just
silly to say that the GIMP user installation would be overly complex
or annoying.

Seven said it all here.

The one important fact for clueless users is that the install works
by clicking on the default button.

I find myself quite oftenly cliking them, when I run the GIMP from
a CD-ROM linux distro, like Knoppix, for demonstration purposes, and
even them it's not a burdden. One can go through them while saying
"And here I will show you why you won't miss your pirate copy of Photoshop"

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