"Steinar H. Gunderson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What about "Welcome to the GIMP! Configuration files has been installed
> into [wherever they were put]. You may want to take a look there; there
> are plenty of possibilities for configuration." (or something along those
> lines).

That would mean to throw away the perfectly good (and already
translated) documentation that is available. I don't think a
simplification of the user installation warrants such a waste of

> I agree that the first-time installation should be shortened -- most
> users simply don't need an exact DPI setting for their screen, and
> having to go out searching for CDs or whatever is perceived as
> annoying. :-)

I would agree with you if we would force the user to calibrate her
monitor. But please note that you can go thru the full user
installation process by hitting the default button 5 times. Now
compare this to the installer of whatever windows software. It's just
silly to say that the GIMP user installation would be overly complex
or annoying.

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