On Tue, 19 Aug 2003 01:35:33 +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What I care about is how the generated HTML files in different languages
> will be structured since the helpbrowser will have to choose the
> appropriate files based on the users locale and it will probably have to
> know how to fallback to the english version.

I was wondering...  Is it really necessary for the help browser to
know how to fallback to the English version?  This could also be done
by the build system for the help pages, and it would even be better
for encouraging the users to translate the pages.  Let me explain...

Let's assume that we have one tree per language (similar to gimp-1-2).
Instead of shipping a set of help pages that could have missing pages
for some languages, we set up a build system for the help pages in
such a way that it ensures that all help pages from the "C" directory
are automatically added to all other languages.  The top-level
directory for each language would contain a template file with the
following message in the corresponding language: "This page has not
been translated yet to <your language>.  The English version is
included below.  If you want to help other GIMP users, please consider
submitting a translated version of this page to the <language>
translators at <address>."

So when a page is missing in some language, the corresponding page
from the "C" directory would be copied by the build system (not by the
GIMP itself) and would include the text mentioned above in order to
encourage users to contribute their own translations.  The message
could also include a link to the online version of the help system
(hosted at www.gimp.org or developer.gimp.org) so that the users can
check if the latest version of this help page is already translated or

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